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The objective of the Cardiff Law Review is to provide academics, lawyers and students with impactful insight and opinion on all areas of law and the effects on industry. We welcome submissions on English and Welsh law and comparative international law. Moreover, the Cardiff Law Review is the only academic student-led review in Wales, as such the Annual review will always include at least one article related to law or industry that is distinctly Welsh in its subject matter.


All submissions made to the editor’s office should be in size eleven font and Times New Roman type with double spacing, only submitted in as an MS Word document. All work must be referenced in OSCOLA and cannot be published elsewhere. Please put your full name and type of submission in the subject bar and then a brief description not exceeding 200 words in the main body of the email. Use this space to give an overview of your work and yourself, for example, if submitting a commentary, what background you have in the relevant field and what the commentary pertains to.


After sending your submissions, please allow five working days for a reply. This will allow the editors to read, consider and decide if your work will be taken further with the Cardiff Law Review. All submissions are considered by at least two editors, jointly deciding on if the work is suitable.



Students from all UK and international Universities, Academic staff and working legal professionals are invited to submit on an area of law of their interest. Case Notes should be no less than 1,000 words and not exceed 2,000 words. Cases considered can be international providing they offer comparative insight to English and Welsh law. We will not accept purely international cases.



We welcome submissions from working professionals with relevant experience and knowledge in their area of interest. The commentary must be related to English and Welsh law, but can be international in the subject matter. For example, EU directives or case law that will affect practice or industry in England and Wales. Commentaries in the Cardiff Law Review aim to provide insight into legal practice which has not yet been explored academically in a short and concise submission on topical legal issues. Commentaries should be no less than 500 words and not exceed 1,500 words. Please note, we can consider commentaries from non-working legal professionals, such as PhD candidates or students with relevant experience from their chosen area on a case by case basis.



Your submissions can discuss any area of law but must provide new knowledge and understanding. Naturally, articles must be academic in nature; informal articles not in continuous prose will not be accepted. Only the best submissions will be selected for publication in our annual review, where your contribution, along with other articles, will make up the substantial body of work in the periodical review. Articles should be no less than 2,500 words and should not exceed 5,000 words. However, longer bodies of work can be considered on a case by case basis, please contact us to discuss this further.



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